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NEW (added June 2022):
1897-1899 Journal by Edward Harold Phillips


Family Photo
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These are photos of my Great-Aunts Adaline Tagatz and Laura Tagatz. Laura (on the right) died at age 20 in 1921.
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Excellent Marquette County Genealogy Resources:

Wisconsin map As a child, I lived in Marquette and Green Lake Counties, Wisconsin. At least 38 of my ancestors lived all or part of their lives in these counties (those individuals are listed below). Most have roots in Prussia, but some came from Massachusetts, New York and elsewhere.

One ancestor in Germania, Henrietta Jones, is descended from a line connected to royalty. See William Jones for information about his wife's royal line.

Click here for links to surnames and individuals featured on this website. To see a summary page of my ancestors, go to my ancestors. For photos of my ancestors, their friends and the communities where they lived, go to the photo index page.

Early History and 1878 Maps:
Excerpts and Maps from the 1878 Illustrated Historical Atlas of Wisconsin; by Synder, Van Vechten & Co., Milwaukee (Wis.); this atlas was handed down by my grandfather to my sister. For transcription of county histories and maps of individual counties (and their townships), go to:
Adams - Columbia - Fond du Lac - Green Lake - Juneau - Marquette - Portage - Sauk - Waupaca - Waushara - Winnebago - Wood

Some of the Documents on this site:
* 1895 - Angelina Ellis PHILLIPS HARTWELL's Diary (details her trip from Wis. to Mass.)
* 1895 - George Phillips' Journal (Germania, Marquette Co., WI)
* 1897-1899 Edward Harold Phillips' Journal
* (Late 1800's) - Dolly Block's Autograph Album
* 1911 article by Edward Adams Richardson: The Community - Groton, Massachusetts: The Story of a Neighborhood (the story of Benjamin Hall and his religious followers)
* 1911 Prussian map
* 1915 Westfield High School Yearbook (Marquette Co., Wis.)
* 1912 - Chapter 1 of Elementarbuch Der Deutschen Sprache, by Arnold Werner-Spanhood -- shows old German (Prussian) alphabet and German script, which is helpful in researching old German language records
* "From the Prairie to the Pulpit" - book containing diary entries by August Mueller (1910 to 1917) plus other family documents, by August's son George Mueller

Other documents on this site are listed on the Photo Gallery index. Feel free to browse these document images:
* immigration papers
* vital records (such as birth, marriage and death certificates)
* misc documents
* Bible records (Clara Tagatz Weckwerth's family - 8 pages)

I've tried to use the spelling of names that I found in original sources, and those spellings are often inconsistent -- sometimes spelled different ways in the same record. Although I've done my best to be accurate, I may have made transcription errors.

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